The Totally Cool Show - Season Three: Episode Two

Another season, another episode. The show opens up with a song and dance from the two siblings, Desi and Ty. Then it's off to the NYC Anime-Fest/Comic-Con once again for a preview of new games from Mario and Kirby. After that, it's Ty: The Jedi Master, followed by The 'Daddy-lympics' and a few items from Desi's clothing line, Tween Nation.

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The Totally Cool Show!!!

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the 'Totally Cool' Show!! Starring my two little ones, Desi and Ty. Inspired by iCarly. It's all about the kids in these shows. Watch as you see things thru the minds of a 9 and 6 year old. It's going to be a fun ride where each episode has some funny segments, video game previews, visits to different and exciting places and a music video to end off each show. So, sit back kiddies and enjoy this ride!!!