'The Steps' - Season 2 - Episode 2 "It's A Dirty Game"

Charlie needs Anna for the next step in his plan. But they've got some unfinished business, first...

The Steps Web Series

Charlie Madison is in hot water. Again. In SEASON 1, the down-and-out Los Angeles PI was laying low in Tennessee. After agreeing to do a simple surveillance job for some extra cash, Charlie's framed for a murder he didn't commit. Then his past comes knocking - in the form of a corrupt D.A. with his sites on Madison. SEASON 2 follows Charlie back to LA for one frenzied night in search of a thumb drive containing documents that could finally get the D.A. off his back for good. But the drive is buried with Charlie's haunted and troubling past - and only Charlie knows how deep. Join us for 6 thrilling episodes of the award-winning series critics are calling, "Top-notch," "Insightfully soulful" and "A new entry in American neo-realist film.