Show 241

Rebroadcast of show 189 from 6/27/11. Santoro and Steel tip talk about lead singers in bands turning in to divas, do their hold music prank calls, talk about the top five things to do if time travel were possible, recap a day in the life of Santoro and play a new game trying to guess what different sexual terms really mean. Case Closed is the featured band.

The Stabcast

The weekly 2-hour show is a comedy based free-talk format, which does not hide the fact that its hosts WILL take cheap shots given any exploitable opportunity. Typically featured segments include live talks with musicians and comedians, prank call bits, original music and parody songs, or sometimes even a combination and abomination of all of the above. When none of that afforementioned activity happens to be going on, the guys may even have a thing or ten to say.