Fay Victor, Ideal Situation

www.JazzSanctuary.org"Ideal Situation," by the Thirteenth Assembly with Fay Victor (vocals), Anders Nilsson (guitarist), Ken Filiano (double bass) and Michael TA Thompson (drums), recorded live on April 26, 2008 at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY.Fay Victor captivates her audience by singing blues, a free piece, or vocal jazz tradition. She combines down to earth essentials with clever lyrics and universal themes. She has made a trademark of “freesong,” mixing traditional songs with brilliant improvisation. Victor’s vocals, combined with the power of her full-tilt blues and rock-tinged band, produces a spectacular sound. Fay Victor leads a full-tilt band to push vocal jazz tradition as a basis for improvising in the sense of Ornette Coleman/ late Coltrane and beyond.This production is part of "Free Jazz at the Sanctuary," a 13-part series of jazz performance videos featuring some of the world's most talented improvisers performing a wide spectrum of music in the genre broadly known as free jazz. Each hour-long show is available on DVD directly from Downtown Music Gallery
(www.downtownmusicgallery.com).For more information on this series visit www.JazzSanctuary.orgThe complete series consists of performances by: The Thirteenth Assembly (Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara, Mary Halvorson, Jessica Pavone)Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Kahil El'Zabar, Ernest Dawkins, Corey Wilkes)From Between Trio (Michel Doneda, Tatsuya Nakatani, Jack Wright)Michael Vlatkovich Quartet (Christopher Garcia, Jonathan Golove, David Mott, Michael Vlatkovich)Sax Soup Poetry and Voice (Joe Giardullo, Pierre Joris, Nicole Peyrafitte)Trio Tarana (Sam Bardfeld, Ravish Momin, Brian Prunka)The Ras Ensemble (Clif Jackson, Dave Miller, Ras Moshe, Tor Yochai Snyder)William HookerEmpty Cage Quartet (Ivan Johnson, Paul Kikuchi, Jason Mears, Kris Tiner)Weasel Walter Trio (Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Weasel Walter)Splatto Festival Chorus (Dave Barrett, Michael Bisio, Ed Mann, Todd Reynolds)Amiri Baraka and Rob BrownFay Victor Ensemble (Ken Filiano, Anders Nilsson, Michael TA Thompson, Fay Victor)."Free Jazz from the Sanctuary" is a co-production of NY Media Alliance and the Arts Department at Rensselaer, made possible in part with support from the NYS Council on the Arts and the NYS Music Fund, established by the NYS Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers.

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