RPG Fanatic: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Video Game Review (PSP)

The Halloween Special! The RPG Fanatic retro reviews Castlevania: SOTN by Konami, considered one of the greatest games in the franchise and starring its most popular character, the vampire Alucard! The chronology / continuity / timeline issues of the Castlevania series are also discussed, as well as the gameplay of the games. And of course, there is occasional humor and funny jokes! Castlevania Dungeon fansite is mentioned in the review, check it out at the link below! http://www.castlevaniadungeon.net/ ******************** ******************* Website: http://www.rpgfanatic.net Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-RPG-Fanatic/374329482132 Twitter: http://twitter.com/therpgfanatic Forum http://www.rpgfanatic.net/forum

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