The Oligarch Duplicity - Episode 04 "Toilette"

Kathryn is allowed some privileges from her holding cell and makes phone contact with someone known as the captain.
Created by J. Sibley Law
Starring Kathryn Fumie

J. Sibley Law, Jeremy Funke, Patti Law, Nathan Wrann

Intro Voiceover: Bill Rock

Mike Fine

Kathryn Fumie, Jeremy Funke, John Pyron, Vic Terenzio, Andrew Gullans, Joel Vetsch, Anna Hayes, Maureen Kelley, Tracy James, Jeffrey Sherman, Alexandra McDougall, Sara Alvarez, Mike Chaiken, Camisha Farquharson, Tobe Johnson, Wendy Olafson, Karen Connelly, Tucker Chase, Gregiore Mouning, Dave Fuller, Jaspar Law, Joseph Mallon

Mike Fine, Sarah Friedman, Nathan Wrann, Jeremy Funke, Cassandra Ritone, Andrew Gullans, John Librie,

Special Thanks to Jack Rushen

Nikita Shpilberg, Polina Rabinovich Crotty, Salvatore Zitelli

JACK is looking intently into the eyes of a black woman (AISHA WASHINGTON). She is in her late twenties / early thirties. JACK: "You're certain she was at the warehouse?" AISHA looks JACK in the eyes, holding back tears, she nods. JACK: "You up to this." AISHA nods again in a more determined way. JACK: "Camp out at the warehouse. Stay on Wood, she'll be the first to hear anything. And, be careful." AISHA leaves, determined. JACK: "Does anyone have any news on KATHRYN?!!!" ;We see the legs and waist of CAPTAIN HOOK. A set of keys dangles at his side.KATHRYN looks up. She has a lack of clarity in her eyes, seemingly uncertain of the situation. CAPTAIN HOOK moves toward KATHRYN. She doesn't acknowledge his presence. His waste bends. Over his shoulder we see KATHRYN finally acknowledge him. CAPTAIN HOOK: (With an Italian accent) "Get up!" CAPTAIN HOOK's hand grips KATHRYN'S upper arm forcing her to her feet. CAPTAIN HOOK: "This is not a kennel, so it is time to introduce you to the little girl's room." KATHRYN: "Where's my sister?" In silhouette the two move through the door. In the brighter light of the outer room, or hallway, we see that the room is just as "rustic" as the interior of the cell.CAPTAIN HOOK'S hand continues to grip KATHRYN'S upper arm. His legs are moving in sync with and very close to hers. KATHRYN's face is as if she is slowly rousing from a long sleep. CAPTAIN HOOK: "Toilette!" KATHRYN stands still looking at the commode as they stand next to each other. CAPTAIN HOOK: "You are wanting some help?" KATHRYN: "Some privacy!" She smiles awkwardly and moves toward the commode. Then, she stops and looks at CAPTAIN HOOK. KATHRYN: "Please."

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The Oligarch Duplicity

Kathryn Bale is a famous reporter. Secretly, her twin handles the dangerous assignments. Now, her twin has gone missing.