The Oligarch Duplicity - Episode 02 "Where's Your Star Reporter?"
Created by J. Sibley Law
Starring Kathryn Fumie

J. Sibley Law, Jeremy Funke, Patti Law, Nathan Wrann

Intro Voiceover: Bill Rock

Mike Fine

Kathryn Fumie, Jeremy Funke, John Pyron, Vic Terenzio, Andrew Gullans, Joel Vetsch, Anna Hayes, Maureen Kelley, Tracy James, Jeffrey Sherman, Alexandra McDougall, Sara Alvarez, Mike Chaiken, Camisha Farquharson, Tobe Johnson, Wendy Olafson, Karen Connelly, Tucker Chase, Gregiore Mouning, Dave Fuller, Jaspar Law, Joseph Mallon

Mike Fine, Sarah Friedman, Nathan Wrann, Jeremy Funke, Cassandra Ritone, Andrew Gullans, John Librie,

Special Thanks to Jack Rushen

Nikita Shpilberg, Polina Rabinovich Crotty, Salvatore Zitelli

CHERYCE BOUNDS enters the newsroom on a mission. She is the local news anchor and she is here to get a story. The camera follows her over the shoulder until she meets with a RECEPTIONIST. She pushes past the RECEPTIONIST until she gets into the bullpen where she encounters DESIREE who says, "can you wait here?" She pushes past that guy until she meets OLIVIA. The two women glare at each other, then JACK looks up from a stack of papers where he is standing. He is exhausted. JACK feigns a smile, "Cheryce, good to see you. As you can see we under a little pressure."

We see KATHRYN in her holding cell. She is laying on the floor.

CHERYCE and JACK are speaking intensely with each other. "Jack, you know more about what happened than you are letting on." JACK replies angrily, "Cheryce, you will not scoop this paper on something as germane to it as this!" DESIREE interrupts, "Jack, I've got something on Kathryn." CHERYCE looks shocked, "Where is your star reporter, Jack?" JACK is a little more than frustrated. "Yes, we lost touch with her. She was following a story in Rome." CHERYCE questions, "What is Kathryn doing in Rome?"

DESIREE explains, "we were able track some numbers that dialed her phone, which is owned by the paper. One from Paris, another from Rome."
We see KATHRYN in bed. The phone rings, she answers it. It's her sister, but sis doesn't remain on the phone. Clearly something is wrong. KATHRYN gets out of bed. In the kitchen she looks at a post card from Rome. The phone rings. It's her mom who is concerned about Kerry. Kathryn gets back in bed. Next we see her driving her Acura as she gets a message from Jack, then calls her mom. Kerry has sent cards from various places in Europe. KATHRYN is at dinner by herself, we see a photo of her and her sister, together. She gets up and grabs keys We see KATHRYN at KERRY's place. She finds a travel itinerary. A commercial jet fades across the screen then:

JACK concedes, "you hold off reporting about Kathryn, you'll get your exclusive." "Jack, you're stuck with me!" CHERYCE explains. "Until something more exciting happens, I'm planning to camp out in your newsroom. What's your name, Desiree? Mind if I camp out at your desk?" DESIREE who is now nervous responds with a nervous affirmative. JACK explains, "You can stay. I'll give you what we have when we get it. Shared bylines in both outlets?"

We see CAPTAIN HOOK walking with a phone to his face, his limp arm in front of him. "Did you put her in the cell next door? Perfect."

We see KATHRYN laying on the floor of her cell.

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The Oligarch Duplicity

Kathryn Bale is a famous reporter. Secretly, her twin handles the dangerous assignments. Now, her twin has gone missing.