The Oligarch Duplicity - Episode 01 "Where's Kathryn?"

KATHRYN is in Rome walking down some steps, then she gets thrown into the back of the truck. Man in the front of the truck says, "We have her." ; Back in the U.S. JACK and OLIVIA are swarmed in the newsroom. JACK is no longer able to reach KATHRYN by phone. JACK is aggravated that he doesn't know what story she's working on or why she is in Rome. DINO interrupts to give an update on finding a printing press for tomorrow's paper. A couple of grocery circulars are willing to sell their time on an alternative press, but it'll be expensive. In the background we see a news reporter on a silent TV and a fire blaze billowing in an image behind her.

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The Oligarch Duplicity

Kathryn Bale is a famous reporter. Secretly, her twin handles the dangerous assignments. Now, her twin has gone missing.