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monthly hour-long talk show on a wide variety of topics... "Showcasing the art, music, literature, politics and spirituality of the evolving new consciousness."

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Episodes of The Next Step

    • TheNextStep#83_SteveJobsRetrospective

      John Draper aka Cap'n Crunch joins me for look back at the blue box escapades of Woz and Jobs in 1970-71, in which John was instrumental in getting the two together on their first product collaboration.. intercut with slideshow and video clips from the life of Steve Jobs.

      • Release date
        Mar 12, 2013
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    • TheNextStep#87_SacredEconomics

      Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, joins me for a discussion about the history, meaning, and pernicious effects of money in our lives, and ways in which we can reframe our relation to money for a healthier more sustainable way of living.

      • Release date
        Sep 14, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#53_The New Physics

      A wide-ranging discussion about the New Physics with Earth Steward and Minister of Consciousness Andrew Mount, and physicist Ken Rauen... taped Dec 2007.

      • Release date
        Sep 10, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TNS#86:TheRealityofESP

      Russell Targ author of The Reality of ESP joins me for a discussion about his new book.. his final in a series of books about his career as a leading researcher in the field of Remote Viewing and psi phenomena generally. He's convinced me!

      • Release date
        Aug 31, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#82_911:ExpertsSpeakOut

      A look at the new film 911:Experts Speak Out on the 10th anniv. of 9/11/2001, with two 'experts' featured in the film, scientist Kathy McGrade and structural engineer Kamal Obeida. The film was produced by Richard Gage of and makes a very compelling case that the 3 WTC towers came down as a result of controlled demolition. Dang it!

      • Release date
        Aug 21, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#81: The Transition Movement activist Julia Bystrova talks about the Transition movement towards cultivating community resilience in response to the challenges of resource depletion, climate change, and economic instability

      • Release date
        Jul 26, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#85: Everything About 2012

      Bay area author Mark Heley (The Everything Guide to 2012) joins me for a discussion about the Mayan calendar and the 13th baktun end date on 12/21/2012.

      • Release date
        Jun 12, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#84_FatherSeanO'Laoire

      Bay area author Father Sean O'Laoire joins me for a wide-ranging discussion about aspects of spirituality. Father Sean is author of A Sensible God, Souls on Safari, and Spirits in Spacesuits: A Manual for Everyday Mystics.

      • Release date
        Apr 19, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#79: The Maker Faire and Maker Revolu...

      Four guests join me for a discussion and slideshow about Maker Faire and the Maker Revolution... Alex Peake founder of PrimerLabs and, Joe Mathes co-founder of Hack the Future, Laurence Miotto of, and Antonio Gussenhoven of

      • Release date
        Feb 29, 2012
      • Runtime
    • TheNextStep#73: OpenSourceLearning

      Scott MacLeod, founder of World University & School (, and Barbara Breuchert, former educator and producer, join host Daniel Kottke for a wide-ranging discussion about Open Source Learning.

      • Release date
        Feb 21, 2012
      • Runtime