Mega64 Podcast: Episode 217 04/17/2012

In this episode: We are back from PAX East with stories of all that we saw! We also have been playing some new games and just uploaded a brand new Indie Man!!! Plus, who would win in a fight? Smokey Bear or McGruff the Crime Dog?

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The Mega64 Podcast

In the not too distant future, a former videogame programmer and mad scientist Dr. Poque grows weary of the world’s games. Shunned from society, he invents the most powerful videogame console ever created- The Mega64; A machine powerful enough to download old videogames into users’ brains, making them embarrassingly real. To prove himself to the reluctant public, he captures ordinary teenagers to beta test the machine 24/7 and document their progress within his secret compound… beneath his apartment building. Lead by the brave duo of Rocko and Derek, this kidnapped crew must endure the digital insanity and learn why video games and the real world should never mix.