Kustomonsters and Friends - Episode #3

Hot Rod hipster puppet Mummy DaddyO presents cartoons, music and comedy on The Kustomonsters and Friends show. In Episode #3, see the cartoons "Diggin with DaddyO- Macbeth" from Craig Clark, "It's the Cat" by Mark Kausler, "Puddle Jumper" by Chris Cassady, "Abo and Karo Glassbreaker" by Hayk Manokyan, and the "Ghost Town" music video by Shiny Toy Guns. See http://www.kustomonsers.com for more!

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The Kustomonsters and Friends

Monster Hot Rod hipster fun, join Mummy Daddyo and the Kustomonsters for musical cartoon comedy fun! See animated shorts from Craig Clark and independent animators from around the world, as well as kool music videos and comedy skits!