EP #96 - ZOMG Puzzle Games

We had no idea how excited tGDP community was going to be about episode 96. After Mathew posted on Twitter asking what peoples' favourite puzzle games where, the floodgates opened and games from all platforms and years started pouring in. Everything Klax to Puzzle Fighter to Pocket Fighter. People were even willing to bend the rules and include games like Tomb Raider and Zelda in the mix. This week's show had a super active chat too. So much was going on that we couldn't keep up with it. Thanks to artnik, hylianlegend, jplaurence, kalienator, miss_belatrix, provenfailsafe, shannogirl, stuartclark, tech_ninja, somethingon for joining the live chat. You guys were awesome. Check out http://gamesdaypodcast.com for lots of community-based game news, info, and opinions. Thanks for watching - see you next time!


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