EP #73 - Relationships

When you're playing videogames, do you think much about relationships? Whether it's between characters onscreen (JPRGs are great examples of this), how goods like ore and lumber come together to make bases to protect you from the Horde, and even upgrade paths for weapons, relationships abound in modern videogames. Tonight, Mathew and Ian hunker in the bunker to talk about relationships in videogames and give our opinions on some basic concepts of relationships. Thanks to viewers: GeneralGorr, LeahMorise, MadeInThe80's, cdownie, ShannonLundy, Constantine_gdp, and tech_ninja for watching! If you liked this, you'll LOVE our community-driven blog at www.gamesdaypodcast.com. Please send feedback to fistbump@gamesdaypodcast.com.


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