Flip the Switch at Nickel City

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Changing the subject from the Peggy - Longsean smart ass love fest...

I made it to the show, but late. Paid $2 to get into the arcade and $6 to get into the arcade birthday/music room. I hope the $6 went to the bands. SOL was playing and lots of kids were skanking. It was hot. The temperature that is. SOL isn't my cup of tea. I got a preview copy of the new BAS e-zine. Not bad.

Flip The Switch were lots of fun. The sound, especially the vocals, was totally screwed, but they blasted through it. The kids were skanking like mad and me too! Turns out I can still dance even with 0 beers. Well, that's my opinion anyways. It was way too hot. Everyone was dripping sweat and I nearly melted. FTS seemed to have a good time. I took pictures and bummed a drum stick, and split before the last band.

I handed out flyers for the next RSL show. The energy level of the kids at this show was so great. If we could get RSL to try an all ages show I think it would make a big difference.

Before the show, I had a great time skating in the semi-darkness at Sunnyvale skate park (after dark, partially illuminated by the football field lights) with Rico Rodriquez--Man From Wareika blasting from my van. My favorite run was a long nose wheelie carve, front-side grind, 540 spin, bert slide on the coping of the little vert wall. Just what I needed after a truly crappy week at work.

The show was:

Presented by PinUp Productions
October, 6 2006 at 7:00 pm

Featuring; Trouble in Paradise, Flip the Switch, S.O.L., The Cyn Project, Allis Anatomy

1711 Branham Lane, @ Nickel City, CA 95118
Cost: $8-FREE video games


(Could not locate info on Allis Anatomy.)



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