The Bicyclist

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The Bicyclist is a web tv series shot in one of the centers of bike culture Portland, Oregon. A wind blown and rain soaked comedy from the hipster streets of counter culture. Seen through the eyes of Conrad Miller, a transplant to Portland from Middleton, Wisconsin.

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Episodes of The Bicyclist

    • The Bicyclists Theatrical Trailer

      Made to be shown in the theaters as a "coming attraction" trailer. It combines earlier trailers with some new footage to give a more rounded look at the film.

      • Release date
        Jun 5, 2009
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclists Movie Trailer 2

      Conrad Miller came to Portland to live free, to meet people and to make memories...The Bicyclists coming to the big screen in 2009.

      • Release date
        Dec 17, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclists Movie Trailer

      The Bicyclists movie is a reinvention of The Bicyclist episodes. The story has the same main four characters (Conrad, Steve, Zack and Lissa), but each character changes in both small and big ways. There’s still some of the same quirky comedy, but the drama goes much deeper and the plot is taken to unexpected places.

      • Release date
        Nov 3, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclists Movie Teaser

      The Bicyclist is moving to the big screen in early 2009. Visit our website ( to keep up with the progress.

      • Release date
        Sep 16, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclist 30: Tough Love

      Zack makes plans for world conquest, while Steve and Lissa hang on the beach. Conrad just hangs on...

      • Release date
        Aug 14, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclist 29: DIY

      Zack and The Demon SUV play baseball. Steve makes t-shirts to make few bucks and Conrad drinks another beer.

      • Release date
        Jul 15, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclist 28: American Pastoral

      The Bicyclist crew hits the road, hits the bottle and takes a hit or two.

      • Release date
        Jun 4, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclist 28: Teaser

      A beautiful Spring day brings out the bohemian side in Steve, Lissa and Nicole.

      • Release date
        May 22, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Can I Keep You?

      Can Conrad keep Steve, Lissa keep Zack and Zack keep his cool?

      • Release date
        Apr 30, 2008
      • Runtime
    • The Bicyclist 26: Life Inside Boxes

      Zack is out of control and on a roll. Conrad and Steve are just happy to get along.

      • Release date
        Apr 3, 2008
      • Runtime