CN 5775 East, Over a Wooden Trestle near Plato Center, Illinois on 1-22-2011

An EMD SD75I and a C40-8 pull a mostly ethanol train over a small wooden trestle. Looks like a couple of freshly painted units. The horn blow is for a grade crossing just out of frame to the right of the going away shot.

Something a bit different for my three camera setup. I had been hoping to use this spot for a while. With a dusting of snow overnight and the sun breaking out, I thought that this was as good a time as any. The two trestle shot cameras are shooting across each other's field of view. So I had to make sure that they did not show the other camera in the frame. And the camera shooting the going away scene is just out of view to the right in the long distance view.

Sure do like that aero "whooshing" sound from the tank cars

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