Not Too Wet, Not Too Dry: Adding a Wet/Dry Knob to Any Rack in Ableton

I bought some new screencasting software (yay) and borrowed a friends mic (not so yay). The first worked wonderfully and the second sounds like I'm recording with a pillow over my face! Going overboard with the FX is a common problem, one that I myself suffer from. One way to deal with this is to simply dial back the amount of the signal going to the effect. Unfortunately, racks don't come with this feature and neither do some FX! In this tut, I show you how to speedily add a wet/dry knob to your effect rack using an Autofilter and some samples from Loopmaster's Real Strings Vol. 2. And if you'd like more tips like this, as well as a free Ableton MPC template, make sure to sign up for the Ableton Cookbook email list at the site!

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