Make an Ableton Step Sequencer without Max for Live

Step sequencers truly divide the people. Some people consider them to be a crucial part of the electronic music workflow. Some people (like, myself) don’t really see what all the fuss is about. Correction: DIDN’T see what all the fuss was about. Now that I’ve figured out how to make a Melodic Ableton Step Sequencer without Max for Live, I have to admit that I’m pretty taken. My goal for this exercise was to make the step sequencer using only Live’s inbuilt MIDI FX and be able to rack it up for easy usage with any instrument I’d like. I’m glad to say that I’ve accomplished my goal and the results are in this here video here. I’m splitting this baby into two posts because people lose it when I post something over 10 minutes. So, the other half of the video will be forthcoming (tomorrow). Here was my strategy: I had to make one MIDI FX Rack chain for each step and I had to trigger them in sequence. Once I had one note playing in each chain, I needed to be able to pitch them up or down. I did this using a Scale effect on each Device Chain. Full Text Step by Step Tomorrow:

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