Introduction to Max for Live: Making a Simple Arpeggiator

Max for Live is quite a confusing piece of work for the average human being like me and you. But Max doesn’t lack for documentation. It is actually very well documented, but I’ve alsways found that the documentation seems to be written for people who are already a Live ninja/guru/yogi, whatevs. So, I decided to embark on this tutorial series to show you how to get down the very basics of Max 4 Live. And I’ve decided to do it by focusing on a number of small projects, after the completion of which, we’ll have a pretty good handle on the necessary components of Max 4 Live. But what that means is that we’re going to skip the preliminaries and jump right in by starting to build a simple MIDI arpeggiator! In this video, we’ll cover: How to get MIDI in and out of an M4L device, How to monitor what’s happening in M4L, Simple math in M4L, Using sliders and the unpack objects.

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