Adding Automation with Max 4 Live's LFO Control

Some readers have noticed that I rarely talk about the more premium aspects of Ableton Live 8: Operator, Analog, Tension and, especially, Max for Live. The reason behind this is that I only want to address things that will be of utility for everyone. Rules are made to be broken though, and in this video I will tell you about Max for Live's new LFO control, something about which I am very excited. First I will discuss what the LFO control does and then I will show you how I use it to automate the filter frequency on Ableton Live's ping pong delay. Let me know what you think and be sure to sign up for the Ableton Cookbook newsletter if you haven't already! It's packed full of useful info, as well as a bi-weekly roundup of articles from the blog. Sign up here.

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