# 37_: Semental Tequila Review: blanco. reposado, anejo

Toro!! Toro!! Did you know that Lippy is a TAURUS? Did you know that the BULL is his Astrological (Taurean) sign? Did you know that there is a new TEQUILA named after the Semental breed of Mexican fighting bull? Now you know, Friends! Tequila Semental is produced at the same distillery (NOM 1522) as one of Th' Lip's favorite "bargain bottles", El Ultimo Agave. At almost twice the price, where does Semental fit into the heirarchy of new brands? Will it be a sweet, soft, trip through the palate - or a fiery, fuerte, run on the tongue? Tequila Semental has no time for you and the sweet–seeking tip of your tongue. It goes straight to the mid and back palate with a wash of fruity HEAT and finishes for a L O N G time. Look for the most interest in the silver and the anejo. The introduction of French Oak in the anejo brings the added flavor interest that takes this age into a solid “buy” category. While the silver has some fruity citrus notes and of course the back-heat, the reposado seems a bit “confused” with its mash-up of oak and heat. Not Semental’s best offering. Look for a good deal online (under $50 for the anejo) and give this Bull a run around the ring!

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