#31_Tequila Camp: multiple distilleries visited on-location!

Hitch up your burro, Tequila Friends! Get out your hiking boots, sunblock , and don’t forget that “camp cup”! It’s time to take a trip with Th’ Lip ( http://tequilawhisperer.com ) down to the only tequila-producing region on the PLANET. This week’s “Whisperer” show presents Lippy’s travelogue from his life-changing sojourn to Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. It’s the only slideshow you’ve ever been able to sip to!
Travel along as Lip takes you inside your favorite distilleries and tastes all of their juices while uncovering all of their SECRETS. You’ll visit El Tesoro, Casa Noble, Fortaleza, Partida, and many, many more! It’s a liquid, luscious, and languid leave of absence from the straight life. S L O W down to Mexican time and listen to the agaves calling from the fields. Do you hear them?

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