#30_Charbay Tequila Review, blanco

Folks, this show is all about PASSION. This may be Th’ Lip’s ( http://tequilawhisperer.com ) MOST passionate episode yet! Join your intrepid “Tequila Reveal-a” on his journey up to the “Still on the Hill” – The Charbay Distillery in St. Helena, Napa County, Ca. What he found there was a revelation to his palate and a comfort to his restless soul. Oh, and the TEQUILA was mighty fine, too! This episode features a lengthy one-on-one interview with Charbay’s 13th generation Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic. Join the fun as Lippy learns the ins & outs of the craftsman’s art. This is a newbie’s dream (Lip included) as the most intimate secrets and methods of distillation are laid out and examined in the gorgeous mid-morning sun. Is that a robin chirping in the background? Stick around for the special BONUS TASTING towards the end of the show! Lip’ster pulls out EVERY STOP in his aesthetic arsenal and introduces you to a NEW distillate that you never knew you needed to know about! General Tasting notes: Charbay blanco gives up its secrets openly and happily to the patient taster. Don’t expect a blunt hit of agave and other massive flavors. This blanco is all about the complex interplay of many different agave and distillation notes. From the 70 year-old yeast to the copper pot still, this is a true connoisseur’s hand-crafted delight. We’ve never given any tequila a 4 rating in any category, and Charbay blanco has earned 3 of them! Try this blanco when you’re ready to have a considered conversation with your tequila and see how right we are!

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