TeleviSean Episode 11 - Showdown - Part 1

The long-awaited, much talked-about fight between Brady and Elstro is here. In Showdown Part 1, the two friends train and prepare to battle one another, amidst the surrounding chaos of secrets, lies, tragic illness, and deep conflicts of the heart.


TeleviSean is a drama/comedy/documentary/adventure following the exploits of a dying guy and his two best friends as they attempt to make the very most out of the life they have left. But, as they journey to seek adventure, they begin to find themselves in the middle of a very strange mystery. Their path will be full of twists and turns, both dark and hilarious, and surprises they could have never foreseen. This genre-bending show will be sure to shock viewers who think they have it all figured out. Featuring the music of Jonathan Blackshire!