It's Good to Have GROUPies

Ahhhh The internet it?s a beautiful thing. It?s a place of discovery, it?s a place for us to share and be shared with. We can create a website in seconds and connect with friends in realtime. One of the biggest trends on the web right now seems to be the idea of creating groups. In our real lives we have different groups of people we share things with, there are our friends and family, our work buddies, our church group, and the list goes on and on. In this weeks Tech Tip I?m sharing a new site for organizing the types of information you share with these groups. It?s easy to use and best of all it?s free. Show Notes:

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Tech Tip Tuesday

I like to think of myself as a "Tech Filter". Your coffee filter ensures that you don't get coffee grinds in your mouth when you drink your morning cup of joe, your oil filter keeps your car from getting junk into your engine etc. As a tech filter I make sure that you get your fill of the good stuff from the web without all the junk. I share my discoveries each week in a 3-5 minute video podcast at