Dust Off the Trapper Keeper

Recently I dug through my basement, pulled out my old backpack and dusted off my ninja turtles lunchbox because I?m back in school? Ok.. so the backpack and lunchbox are a bit of a stretch but I really AM back in school right now taking some courses on computer networking. And now that I?m back in the classroom I am beginning to notice that this back to school thing is a bit of a trend. This brings me around to this weeks Tech Tip. While studying the other night for my class I got an email from one of my viewers Shawn Burns introducing me to a really cool site called Learnable.com. In this weeks Tech Tip I tell you all about it? Show Notes: www.learnable.com, www.techpodcasts.com

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Tech Tip Tuesday

I like to think of myself as a "Tech Filter". Your coffee filter ensures that you don't get coffee grinds in your mouth when you drink your morning cup of joe, your oil filter keeps your car from getting junk into your engine etc. As a tech filter I make sure that you get your fill of the good stuff from the web without all the junk. I share my discoveries each week in a 3-5 minute video podcast at www.TechTipTuesday.com