100th Episode Rap-Up

This past week has really been a wrap up week for so many things. Students are prepping for graduation and wrapping up the school year. American Idol wrapped up with that country boy as the winner. All of our favorite sitcoms wrapped up with their season finale's. And of course there was Oprah who wrapped up 25 years of her show with lots of tears and cheers. But it's not just the main stream world that's having a wrap up of sorts. Today I am wrapping up the 100th episode of tech tip tuesday.

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Tech Tip Tuesday

I like to think of myself as a "Tech Filter". Your coffee filter ensures that you don't get coffee grinds in your mouth when you drink your morning cup of joe, your oil filter keeps your car from getting junk into your engine etc. As a tech filter I make sure that you get your fill of the good stuff from the web without all the junk. I share my discoveries each week in a 3-5 minute video podcast at www.TechTipTuesday.com