CES-2009-Back In a Flash

Back up your computer in Flash. Just plug in the appropriate sized flash drive and your data is instantly backed up.The product of backinaflash does two things first of all it looks like a flash drive but this is a flash drive. It automates the backup process because everyday it automatically backup all your files. If your computer crashes just restart the computer and get back to work with the unit because it has an operating system and a software and all files are here for daily backup into the flash drive part of the unit. Inside the backinaflash is a software that will open word documents, excel spreadsheet, powerpoint presentation, connect you to internet, listen to music and play movies. Pen Drive is for somebody travelling easy to carry that you can also use as a pen. The storage capacity is 3.5GB to 31.5GB Price point is under $60 for the small unit with 3.5GB, with 7.5GB for $85 and for larger storage Shayo 16GB and Shayo 32GB run $130 and $200. Visit www.backinaflash.com for information online.

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