Tailgate32 EP32: New Orleans

It's the end of the line for the boys as they roll into the Big Easy for the last stop of their whirlwind tour. After 27,000 miles on the road, Mike and John figured it might be about time to actually learn how to cook, so they enlist the help of the fine folks from the New Orleans School of Cooking to learn how to prepare some of the local cuisine. Then it's off to the tailgate to wrap up their season of parking lot partying.

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Tailgate32: The Ultimate Football Fan Roadtrip

Tailgate32 is a 32-part documentary series that follows the journey of adventure-loving brothers Mike and John Trupiano as they tour the country in a 42-foot RV to explore the American traditions of road tripping, tailgating, and professional football. They push themselves to the extremes on this 25000-mile nonstop trek, struggle with an RV that seems to have a mind of its own, and discover what drives the world's most passionate and colorful fans.