Boot Camp 3/6 - Uploading Files To Your Hosting Account via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

In this video we cover how you can transfer your files to the web server that is hosting your website via FTP. We explore a few open source (free) ;tools including FileZilla and winSCP on both windows and mac osx leopard. We show how to quickly setup ftp "bookmarks" so that you can login and transfer files very quickly in addition to how we can install filezilla onto a portable USB jump drive. This allows you to transfer files using ftp on any machine that has a connection without having to install anything!

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Syntax Syndicate: Training for aspiring front-end developers.

Those interested in a career in web development need to stay tuned as the syntax syndicate team of seasoned professionals whose work spans clients such as Sherwin Williams, Fox Networks, Discovery Channel, Pfizer, Harley Davidson and more share their proven techniques, methodologies, and work-flow. The scope of our training videos span (but is not limited to) XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL, in addition to best practices, local and production development environments, agile development, version control, unit testing, accessibility, re-factoring, and many of the other absolute essentials needed to be extremely marketable and sought after as a professional front-end web developer. The only requirements on your part is a desire to learn and access to a computer with a connection... we start at the ground level so don't worry if you haven't written a single line of code. Those of you with a few years or less of experience, or haven't worked for large clients, are strongly encouraged to review our boot camp series as well prior to moving onto our more advanced videos. Chances are you'll pick up on a few things that will assist you in the future. If there is specific technique, effect, or piece of functionality that you've seen that you'd like us to create a training video for, head over to our website at and click the "request a video" option!