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S.V.O.H. Sexy Voices of Hollywood on SONY Digital Television

S.V.O.H. Episode 10 Syndication by Sony BIVL Digital Television Featuring Kristina Wong Part 1 of 2 For Investors: On October 30, 2010, Yayoi Winfrey and Robert Taylor interviewed Anzu Lawson who has been in eight blockbuster movies, including The Davinci Code, The Chronicles of Narnia, Spy Game, and American Yakuza to name but a few. She has also been #1 on the Billboard charts and has guest starred in half a dozen network television shows including the hit television show Criminal Minds and the King of Queens. Yayoi Winfrey and Robert Taylor have assembled a large workforce of dedicated writers, celebrities, filmmakers, media producers, and other technical staff. Sexy Voices of Hollywood seeks to connect with angel investors, major sponsors, financiers, partners and other businesses that want to be part of the new media company and LLC. Yayoi and Robert maintain a global audience, have fans from around the world and are in the process of creating an entirely new line of merchandise based on the Watermelon Sushi movie and Sexy Voices of Hollywood celebrity radio show. Every month, the lovely filmmaker and director, Yayoi Winfrey and her handsome Co-Host, Robert Taylor, interview two new celebrities. If you and/or someone you know is interested in funding Sexy Voices of Hollywood and becoming a major sponsor, please contact the show's producers at