Feedback to Speed

Feedback to Speed is the episode 9 of Bose is always right, season 2 at
. Speed, who was the cab driver, has now been promoted as the balloon pilot as the employees nowadays use balloon piloted by Speed, as the medium of transport to reach the office, in order to avoid the road traffic. Speed is seen very much influenced by Extratar and is seen appearing with a lot of visual effects. Speed is curious to know how the audience representative knows about him and others in the office. She replies that, every happening in the office is captured using surveillance cameras and is broadcast to the whole world as a web series. Speed feels that it is odd, but he and others in the office has to live with it. Audience representative then gives Speed his theme for the video which Speed agrees happily.

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Bose is always right is an Indian Workplace Comedy Web Series that focuses on strange but possible official lives of the people. About Season Four: Premiered on November 1, 2012. This is the season where the audience learns that the nameless Employee of the earlier seasons, does have a name and a life of his own! Compared to other seasons, this season has only 5 episodes and with this, 50 episodes of Bose is always right comes to a temporary hiatus. A fitting climax to all the episodes and seasons, watch all the 5 episodes, to know what it is like! About Season Three: Premiered on November 1, 2011. Bose seems to be impressed with the videos of Employee and gives him an assignment of creating a social awareness web series based on Cleanliness. However, the only equipment that Bose offers to the Employee is Bose’s mobile phone that can shoot videos for 5 seconds! The Employee is encouraged to do guerilla film making and everything else, provided there is no production cost. Employee spins the story, around two friends, Acer and Lazer. They live in very natural and beautiful surroundings. However, Lazer, the lazy guy is quite careless about this and ignores cleanliness. Acer, the ace guy, motivates him to maintain cleanliness in public places, personal hygiene, and so on. Employee was able to do all these with the humble set of tools at his disposal and without any extra lighting or sound equipment or make up. Watch the season three, to see how successful the Employee is, in his ventures. About Season Two: Premiered on November 1, 2010 . A representative from the audience meets the characters of Bose is always right and gives them feedback about the show. Based on that, each of the characters makes an episode each. The themes for the episode are provided by the representative from the audience. Extratar appears in only one episode in season two. However, his presence seems to be there in the office as every member seem to acquire some qualities and powers from him. Watch the season two, to see whether Bose still has the final say. About Season One:There are two main characters in this web serial. One is the boss, whose name is Bose. The other is an employee who does not have a name. The other characters include the driver Mr.Speed and the HR person, Mr.Helmet. Each episode in the series can also be watched and understood as a single video film too. In short, Series Name: Bose is always right. Website: , Season Premiere: November 1, 2009. Season Finale: March 8, 2010. Length: Varies. Budget: Zero. Cast: Surag Ramachandran. Crew: Surag Ramachandran. In Season 1, Bose, Employee, Helmet, and Speed are seen leading a normal and peaceful life of office politics. However, their world is disturbed by the irritating and painful presence of Extratar. His speech, his intentions, and his mere presence itself make life difficult for everyone, especially Bose. However, they get some relief when Extratar leaves them for sometime because he feels their life is like a web series. He wants to know how the real world operates and left Bose and team for that. The first season ends with an interesting climax in the episode finale. All the roles including the script, camera, acting, direction, editing, production, and distribution are done by a single person, Surag Ramachandran. This is a pioneer web series from India whose first season ran for twenty episodes and all the 4 seasons combined ran for 50 episodes from 2009 to 2013!