Suck And Moan Official Critics Trailer

The Official Trailer for the award winning web series, "Suck And Moan."

The end of the world is near. As a horrific viral outbreak creates a growing army of flesh eating zombies, what happens to those who have been secretly feeding on mankind all along?

"Suck and Moan" chronicles the stress filled situations brought upon a group of reluctant vampires, who are forced into a battle with fellow flesh eaters, after their only food source is threatened. Tossing aside the tiresome melodrama of recent vampire lore, this witty web series addresses the smaller, every day issues, facing the undead, and the dangers of over thinking a struggle against the brainless.

Suck And Moan

When the world is overrun with Zombies, what happens to the Vampires who've been feeding on humans all along? "Shaun of the Dead" meets "Clerks"-as-Vampires in the satirical web series "Suck and Moan."