Style-City Music, Art Brut, Do Not Forsake Me My Darling, Hayes Carll, I Alexander, J Mello, The Feelings Hijackers, Style-City Music Presents Season 9, Episode 8 SCM113

Show intro
start 00:00:00:00 - end 00:00:37:01

Host Intro
start 00:00:37:01 - end 00:01:06:22

Style-City Music "Beaver Cleaver Pumpkin Eater"
start 00:01:06:22 - end 00:04:51:14

The Feelings Highjackers "Goodbye Sunny"
start 00:04:51:14 - end 00:08:09:13

Hayes Carll "Another Like You"
Start 00:08:09:13 - end 00:11:59:14

J Mello "Torture"
start 00:11:59:14 - end 00:16:13:10

Art Brut "Lost weekend"
start 00:16:13:10 - end 00:19:45:09

Do Not Forsake Me My Darling "Episode 1 Arrival"
start 00:19:45:09 - end 00:22:41:10

I Alexander "Bad Enough for The Both Of Us"
start 00:22:41:10 - end 00:24:15:20

Style-City Music "Clock Work"
start 00:24:15:20 - end 00:28:28:00

Host Outro
Start 00:28:28:00 - End 00:28:28:00

show end
start 00:28:28:00 - end 00:29:00:00

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