Ep #12- Dexter season 5 Finale- Stupid For Dexter

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On this week’s episode of Stupid For Dexter
, Live from Streamin' Garage
- Kat and Mandy analyze the Dexter fifth season finale episode “The Big One,” discuss the Dark Passenger with social worker Randy Gyorffy, and examine character and plot points with Paul Goebel, the King Of TV.

Stupid For Dexter is a weekly show hosted by Dexter fans Kat Steel and Mandy Schneider from the Kill Room. With in-depth episode analyses, interviews with criminology professionals, trivia with TV expert Paul Goebel, and much more, Stupid For Dexter is for the fans and by the fans. In each show, Kat and Mandy explore Killer Moments plot points, discuss Dexter's psyche in Driving The Dark Passenger, and make predictions for the rest of the season. Tune in every Monday on UStream at 7 PM to join the live chat and share your opinions and predictions. Stupid For Dexter is produced by the Streamin' Garage and previous episodes can be found on YouTube and Blip.

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Stupid For Dexter

A weekly show everything Dexter! We review the Showtime episode of that week as well as bring in special guests form the world of Dexter.