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100% Homegrown Vermont vlog about art, music, obsessions and outsiders, brought to you weekly by Seven Days, Vermont's alternative newsweekly. Join Eva Sollberger as she takes you all over Vermont - to art galleries, fairs, circuses, dance parties, up in hot air balloons, around town in cabs and to the theater in this weekly vlog. New episodes air every Wednesday.

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Episodes of Stuck in Vermont

    • Skateland Vermont [SIV385]

      1/22/15: Skateland Vermont opened its doors the day after Christmas in Essex Junction. The roller rink has quickly become a popular spot for old and young alike, often selling out on weekends. Eva talked to families who grew up at the old Skateland in Williston and are excited to bring their kids to the new spot. And then she strapped on some skates for some old-fashioned good fun. Music: Barbacoa, “Venus in Spurs” This episode of Stuck in Vermo...

      • Release date
        Jan 28, 2015
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    • Rachel Lives Here Now [SIV384]

      1/15/15: In August of 2013, Rachel Lindsay made a big move and left New York City and her work in the advertising industry to relocate to Burlington Vermont and start a comic blog called Rachel Lives Here Now. She became a cashier at City Market and "hit the cartoon jackpot," meeting many colorful characters who inspire her funny pages. Music: Rachel Lindsay, “Collapse Takes,” "I’m Your Little Heart,” “Wendy,” “The Wizard of Life” This episode of Stuck in Vermont ...

      • Release date
        Jan 21, 2015
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    • Vermont Finders Keepers [SIV383]

      1/10/15: Keith Mailhotte started Vermont Finders Keepers in 2012. Since then he has carefully carved about 350 eggshells and hidden them all over the state. Keith posts clues on his Facebook page and a group of avid hunters rush to be the first to find this eggsquisite prize. Eva met some fanatic finders and went on an treasure hunt with them in Hyde Park. Music: Colin Clary, Apocalypse Yow! “Top Secret Secret Project”

      • Release date
        Jan 14, 2015
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    • Sledding Adventure [SIV382]

      12/28/14: Tony Telensky, AKA Max Speed, caught the sledding bug in 2008. Since then he has been organizing sledding adventures with family and friends at scenic Vermont spots such as Mount Philo, the Lincoln Gap Road and Smuggler's Notch Road. Eva and her sister Margot join Tony and his sledding compatriots for a speedy sledding adventure down the Notch Road in Stowe. They ride Hammerhead Sleds designed by Vermonter Steve Luhr who accompanies them for the climb. Umiak offers Top of the Notch s...

      • Release date
        Jan 7, 2015
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    • Van Gogh Makes Friends [SIV381]

      12/8/14: Whether he's warming laps at Pillsbury Manor South in South Burlington or learning how to read with kids at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston, Van Gogh is one busy feline. A registered therapy cat, he is a European Burmese who is unusually calm with people. His handler Elizabeth Llewellyn is happy to share Van Gogh's affections with his many fans. Music: The Smittens, A Little Revol...

      • Release date
        Dec 23, 2014
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    • Auditioning with Kate Wetherhead [SIV380]

      12/5/14: Vermonter and BHS alum Kate Wetherhead comes home for a Musical Theatre Audition Workshop presented by the Bill Reed Voice Studio. Three workshops were held at Spotlight Vermont in South Burlington over the weekend. Kate appeared on Broadway in Legally Blonde and also writes and stars in a popular web series called Submissions Only. Bill Reed and his former student share their knowledge with eager participants, many of whom were auditioning for Lyric Theatre Company's production of Le...

      • Release date
        Dec 10, 2014
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    • Cat Cafés in Montréal [SIV379]

      11/22/14: Eva gets unstuck from Vermont and heads North to visit Montréal's two purrfect cat cafes, Le Café des Chats and Café Chat L'Heureux. Both cafes opened this fall and are considered the first cat cafes in North America. Celebrity felines adopted from Montréal's SPCA and other local shelters greet visitors at each spot. Eva and cat blogger Sachie Kohlman ("My Cat Goma") indulge their inner cat ladies with trips to both cafes to meet the four-legged furry superstars and their fans. http:...

      • Release date
        Dec 3, 2014
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    • Bubble Soccer at MMU [SIV378]

      11/14/14: Bubble soccer ("boblefotball") originated in Norway in 2011 and has finally made its way to Vermont. Quite simply, it involves players strapping themselves into 5 foot wide inflated spheres and attempting to score soccer goals without rolling over too many times. Eva attended a match organized by David Alofsin and Vermont Bubble Soccer at Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho with Seven Days staff writer Ethan de Seife for an epic battle of the balls.

      • Release date
        Nov 26, 2014
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    • The YMCA's Silver Foxes [SIV377]

      11/12/14: The Silver Foxes is a group of women and a few men ranging in age from their 50s-80s who work out at the Pomerleau Family YMCA in Burlington three mornings a week. Whether exercising in the pool or on the floor, or maybe grabbing coffee afterwards for a chat, these fit seniors have become a supportive family over the years. Music: Missy Bly, MB3, "Past Midnight" Kevin MacLeod, "Plucky Daisy," "Fig Leaf Rag" composed by Scott Joplin ...

      • Release date
        Nov 19, 2014
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    • The Eat More Kale Dude [SIV376]

      11/6/14: Since 2001, Bo Muller-Moore has been printing "Eat More Kale" shirts in his studio ("dudio") above his garage in Montpelier. Three years ago Bo applied for a federal trademark which prompted the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A to send him a cease and desist letter citing the similarity between their trademarked slogan "Eat mor chikin" and "Eat More Kale." Bo took the fight public and has become a Vermont folk hero and a media darling, all while increasing sales of his t-shirts. His story ...

      • Release date
        Nov 12, 2014
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