The Strange Dave Show Episode March 3, 2011 Featuring Cantor Bullshkey, Wally "The Sock Puppet" Stuart, and "The Danger Zone" featuring Danger Dave Hohn

On this episode of "The Strange Dave Show" on Cablevision Channel 20 and Verizon Fios Channel 37, "Strange" Dave Rosenberg stars as "Cantor Bullshkey" with Stacey Prussman as Temple President Prussman and Danger Dave Hohn as "Rabbi Hohn". Also, Wally Stuart with "Jokes That Sock" and of course, "Danger" Dave Hohn in "The Danger Zone". Featuring Colin Turner on piano and organ, Charly Seamon on vocals and also as "Strange" Dave's wife in "The Mind of Strange Dave Episode 1: The Cottage Cheese Incident", also starring Meg Zrini as Dave's mistress. This episode also features "Strange" Dave Rosenberg on guitars, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. The Monkees 45th reunion is discussed as well as Monkees author Eric Lefcowitz and his upcoming appearance on the show. Also discussed, the "no armed" drummer that wants to come on "The Strange Dave Show" and noted Israeli jazz singer/guitarist Didi Pelled. ;

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