Len Barry ("1-2-3") denies involvement in murder and talks about white racism suffered as a non-African American soul singer in the 1960's. Part 1 of his interview on "The Strange Dave Show"

Len Barry, part 1 of his interview on "The Strange Dave Show", finds Barry talking about his book "Black Like Me" and his denial of thinking that he is a "black man in a white person's body". Barry does admit that he did suffer white racism in the 60's and that he found it hard after "1-2-3" promos showed him as being a "white man" instead of a "black" soul singer. Barry discusses his childhood on the streets, being jewish, and reveals that he is not attractive in his old age. Len also talks about The Dovells going on as "the three freshman" after he left the group and talks about his disapproval of the band's desire to become a band that sings in "unison" like The Association.

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