The Nose Bleed Seats - Ep. 143 The 2012 NBS Awards part 2

This week on the NBS TV, we present part two of the 2012 NBS Awards. In this episode we present the Most Hated and Fan Favorite awards, plus Bobby Houston leads the induction ceremony for the Catalyst Cory Carter into the Central Illinois Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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ATTENTION: This show will be moving to a different site starting in July ( ) due to a rather ridiculous move by Blip as a final middle finger to the producers who didn't get "most favored series" status - the whole series page will disappear in September when Blip deletes all of them off. I'm needing suggestions on what video hosting site that compares to what Blip used to offer years ago in terms of revenue sharing without having to deal with a bunch of restrictions and jump through a lot of hoops (like Youtube). Email me at ----+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+---- The NBS covers the central Illinois region interviewing the movers and shakes of the local wrestling scene and showcases area wrestling action. Back in July 2007, the Nose Bleed Seats TV show began with a road trip to Champaign, IL at a restaurant known as the Cowboy Monkey to film a one-hour interview with Tweek & Dash, otherwise known as the Phoenix Twins. Since then every couple of weeks we'd travel out to other destinations in central Illinois to film more interviews with various wrestlers on the CI scene. The webcasts of NBS episodes originally were released on Google Video. During the summer of 2008, in order to expand viewership of the program (and because folks watch fewer online videos during the summer) we acquired a Thursday time slot on Springfield Comcast Cable Access 4. The host of the first twelve episodes of the Nose Bleed Seats program was Christopher Lee. At episode thirteen the Mad Conservative Crimefighter stepped up to conduct his first TV interview with "The Future" Donovan Ruddick. Afterward Chris Lee and CF alternated interviewer duties for the next couple of months. A longtime wrestling fan MOAV5706 conducted his first interview with CF's assistance at episode 23 with Prince Ali & Kyle Rich. He conducted his first solo interview with Ryan Phoenix at episode 27. Hosting duties from here on out were switched up or shared depending on each person's schedules. Our lone guest interviewer came in at episode 48 where Matt Cage came in to interview Cameron Jacobs. We are open to other prospective guest hosts. One of us may be available to film your interview or if you have a camcorder, a means to copy the footage to DVD, and a microphone you can tape it at your own leisure. Please drop us a line with your proposal on who you have lined up to interview for the program. We'll take at look at the video, edit the footage if it meets our standards and put it on the air.