Vlog Soup 21

In this free tour of the vlogosphere we travel to God's office, India, Amsterdam, John Edwards plane, then end up with three music videos. Fun times.

God, Inc. A comedy about life in the corporate off A comedy about life in the corporate offices of God.
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By Francis Stokes.

NBC: The Office
Jay and Ryanne went to India and now we have a weekly video blog about people from India:


Pavement barber
United Vloggers MICHAEL wants to highlight quality videos and has (3) by Richard Bluestein
John Edwards: Plane Truths

Produced by Mimi Hockman
from the web series Inspiring Politics
(4) videos on Youtube

Seen in:

Business Week
The Year in Web Video
By Catherine Holahan

Shorter version

Box in a box - longer version

Boxsinger on YouTube
All I Want For Christmas

Juan and Ximena
Jakob Lodwick
Lip Dubbing: Endless Dream

Music by Apes & Androids

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