Starcraft 2 - State of the Game EP35

This weeks episode features an interview with IGN's eSports operations and marketing manager Alex Conn for an interview, talk about TSL3, GSL, NASLs week one follies, and an actual state of the game discussion. ;

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State of the Game

State of the Game features four of the most well-known personalities from the Starcraft 2 eSports scene: JP 'itmeJP' McDaniel, Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, Geoff 'iNcontrol' Robinson, and Tyler 'TLAF-LiquidTyler' Wasieleski. Each week the four hosts and sometimes a fifth guest recap what they've been up to in SC2, discuss the latest news and announcements, break down patch notes, break open build orders and strategies, and answer user submitted questions.