SC Center - May 13, 2011



complexity on idra casting cruncher last night, idra on frown town express!/compLexityLive/status/68863733073588224

mlg/gsl in romantic relationship, go facebook official

slasher interviews tsl finalists

tsl finalists get interviewed/profiled by tl

coca cola sponsors IM, nestea is a coca cola product, it’s a conspiracy on why idra is a good caster,

blizz map tutorial

wellplayed has an update, lookin pretty god damn nifty

csn, clash of the houses, winners go to mlg columbus

hey poor people: rich people like sc2 also, we’re successful by association!

strelok leaves mouz, goes to russians at imba.fxopen

anna for miss usa¤tpage=last

$500 showmatch kiwi/select SUNDAY MAY 15th at 9pm EST (6pm PST)

Select / Naniwa / Catz signing

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