Sons of the Brotherhood - Season 3 Episode 2 - "Gina's Dream"

After serving over 30 minutes of hard time in the slammer, Gina falls into a deep sleep and has a dream which is one part pure weirdness and one part mystical prophecy. What will happen? Only the future and a roll of toilet paper knows for sure.

Sons of the Brotherhood

An outdated, out of touch TV station out in the middle of nowhere risks going out of business if they can't keep up with the times. An overfunded, under educated militia seeks to spread the news of government plots to infiltrate our airwaves and control our every step. A match made in heaven or a mix of oil and water? Add in office politics, mind control, love, intrigue, conspiracy and off-brand candy addiction and you have Sons of the Brotherhood, proving once again that the truth is out there. Way, way out there.