Slice Of Scifi 457 - Geek Ringtones

Wait till you hear these Geek Ringtones, Are you adopted, New Multiverse Mini-series, Sweetleaf comes to Phoenix, Elon Musk and Spacex, Behind the scenes, Did you have something say, 206-339-8735

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"SLICE" is the Entertainment News source that delivers daily headlines from science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and horror in television, film and new media, plus examines the science in scifi with updates on technology and space exploration. Slice of SciFi has amassed an international fan base that follows our online news magazine, SiriusXM radio show and video webseries. Michael R. Mennenga, Brian Brown and Samantha Roberts anchor the on-air crew with commentary from Bret Filipek, Meghan Zehr and Ben Ragunton, all adding their wit and opinions to the discussions about the week's breaking news and coming attractions.