Slice 396 - Byron Brochmann

Watch the Live-in-studio recording of Slice episode 396. Our interview this week is with Byron Brochmann. You may have seen him on Terra Nova, but he is involved with something even more cool. Tune in and find out. Slice of Scifi is the SiriusXM radio show and webcast, covering Science fiction news, TV and Movies with colorful commentary.

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"SLICE" is the Entertainment News source that delivers daily headlines from science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and horror in television, film and new media, plus examines the science in scifi with updates on technology and space exploration. Slice of SciFi has amassed an international fan base that follows our online news magazine, Krypton Radio live show and companion video webseries. Summer Brooks anchors the on-air team with discussions and reviews from Noah Richman, Daren Gulsvig, Tim Callender and others, all adding their wit and opinions to the talk about the week's topics, interview guests and coming attractions.