Short Fat Otaku - Episode 30: Bible Black Liveriff Part 1 (Valentines 2012)

For this year's Valentines, SFO finally gives in to the Camera Lady's desires... and checks out Bible Black! Dicks, dicks everywhere!

Short Fat Otaku

Team SFO produces a number of shows under the Short Fat Otaku channel - There's a bit of something for everyone! Gee, Thanks Japan - A discussion about anime. Sometimes it's a comedy sketch. Sometimes it's an analytical review. Sometimes it's a riff. But it's all anime! Dave Plays With Himself And Others - The gang plays videogames and gives a running commentary. Unlike usual 'Let's Play' shows that utilize a simple voiceover, a high amount of production value and original content go into the presentation! We're always adding new show ideas to this channel. Make sure to check back!