Episode 3: Hos Before Bros

When James’ brother arrives out of the blue to stay at the house, the rest of the cast finds him to be the perfect victim for their next prank. Michael continues trying to keep his lover a secret from Gabe, while Trey must evade a vengeance-seeking restaurant owner.

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Shenanigans TSTV

Shenanigans is a narrative comedy show about four friends filming a weekly prank show with almost no money after irresponsibly wasting their accidentally large budget on a house and a car. The real prank is on them as their own incompetence lead to a string of underwhelming pranks, constantly endangering their status as an active television program. The show much more closely follows the development of the four main characters' relationships with one another than it does the actual production of the show they are required to make. Shenanigans is a completely student-run television series under the Texas Student Television network at the University of Texas at Austin. Shenanigans will air six 30-minute episodes to be completed by the end of May (end of UT spring semester) on the TSTV channel which broadcasts to all on-campus televisions as well as some areas in central Austin which can be watched by antenna. This series poses as a learning opportunity for UT students for both the production and creative aspect of broadcasting a television show.