Cambodia Sex Workers marched for their rights

Recent pronouncements by the Prime Minister in Cambodia that sex work is an affront to traditional Cambodian culture and to the dignity of Cambodian women have led to more raids on bars and arrests of sex workers. See here: Sex Workers are meant to learn "dignified" professions such as sewing to work in garment factories- but garment factory workers are rebelling against their conditions: See here: So Women's Network for Unity in Cambodia, along with their sisters in the garment industry, and the parents and children of sex workers held a Buddhist ceremony known as Bon Pkar- which is a solidarity ceremony where a group of people come together to raise funds for a temple and for a righteous cause. The sex workers raised money for a temple restoration at a temple with a very progressive Abott and monk They also raised money for children of sex workers and poor students living at the temple for school books. In this video you can see the sex workers ceremony and their procession through the capital city showing that they are not outcasts from Cambodian Buddhist Culture- but that by feeding their families, supporting students and the religion, they claim their rightful place as women, men and transgenders doing the best they can to build up their country and to reject an unjust law that undermines their livelihood See the video with the procession and the speech by the temple Abbot here where he calls for recognition of the righteous actions of Cambodian Sex Workers to be recognised by society. Cambodian Sex Workers: From Poverty to Pride


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