Anti-trafficking: Cambodia the reality (short version)

?OPEN DAY OF ACTION TO STOP SEX WORKER RAIDS AND CALL FOR REPEAL OF THE TRAFFICKING LAW THAT THE CAMBODIAN GOVERNMENT PASSED UNDER PRESSURE FROM THE UNITED STATES? ?Sex Work Is Work?Defend the Right to Livelihood? June 04th 2008: The Women?s Network for Unity (WNU), a group of sex workers who work to empower vulnerable women and who are involved in the reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS, closely collaborating with the Cambodian Prostitutes Union (CPU) and Cambodian Men, Women Network for Development (CMNWD), will organise an ?Open Day of Action? to stop sex worker raids and call for the repeal of the ?Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation? that the Cambodian Government passed recently, under pressure to comply with the United States policy on human trafficking. The Open Day of Action also has strong support from the Asia Pacific Network for Sex Workers (APNSW). The law was introduced to eliminate trafficking by stamping out the sex industry. Since then brothels, bars, street areas, and karaoke clubs across the country have been closed or gone underground. Hundreds of women have been arrested and imprisoned, or have had to move. Dozens have been raped and beaten by police and prison guards. HIV prevention and care programs have collapsed. This law makes us easier prey for traffickers, and makes it impossible for us to use condoms. The negative impact of the law will be shown by sex workers through role play, speech and video evidence of the brutality and misery this new law is causing. There also will be two sex workers from India who will speak about sex workers fight against trafficking, a model of anti-trafficking that respects human rights, is effective and not in conflict with HIV prevention programs. There will be a video about the activities of sex workers in Sonagachi, India, to fight trafficking. The Messenger Band will sing a song on sex workers defending the right to livelihood. We, strongly call for repeal of the law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation and for an end to raids on sex workers. Don?t be fooled by talk of rescuing ?sex slaves? until you have heard our testimonials and seen video evidence of the brutality and misery this new law is causing. When: 08:00 ? 12:00 Where: Women Network for Unity Office (On the Barge, formerly Vimean Kongkea Dancing Club) #01, Sisowat Quay, Sangkat Srah Chak, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh (Along the river, opposite Camnitel Office near by Kompong Dor Arey Khsat Feery) Contact: 012 471 093 - 012 222 171


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