Tongue Teaser Vibrating Tongue Toy

After many messages from my viewers in regard to vibrating tongue rings I found something even better, the Tongue Teaser! For those of you wondering what makes it better well let me tell you; *It doesn't require that you have to have your tongue pierced and therefor can be used by anyone. *It's powerful, but doesn't cause any strain on your eyes, tongue or teeth. (I know people that used metal vibrating tongue rings - I've done it- that have accidentally chipped their tooth in the heat of the moment. No worries about that since it's soft and supple silicone) *It doesn't hurt - at all! As someone who has used to have her tongue pierced and has tried numerous products I can honestly say this was the most comfortable...and you don't even have to have your tongue pierced to use it. *It's easy to clean and care for. Since it's made of 100% silicone you can very easily wash it with soap and water (the outside not the vibrator) and rinse it well. Fortunately there aren't any grooves in the product that could collect bacteria either. *It's very easy to use. Unlike tongue rings that need to be screwed in (which can hurt to put in and remove), you just simply slip it over your tongue and you're good to go! *It's very affordable! My sitesells them for only $4.35, so for those of you that are looking for something reasonably priced just to try, this might be a perfect product. For those of you that are interested or would like to purchase the Tongue Teaser, it can be found on my website where shopping for sex toys is fun, safe, easy and your privacy is guaranteed!

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